Directions to CKS

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From the North and West
Take either Route 400 or Route 16. From Route 400, exit at Jamison Road, turn right and proceed to Route 16. Then turn left. From Route 16, turn right onto Williardshire Road (Opener's Grill Restaurant is across from where Williardshire meets Route 16). Follow Williardshire around two sharp curves until coming to Knox Road. Turn left on Knox Road.

From the South and West
Take Route 20 to Route 20A through Orchard Park. Before coming to the Village of East Aurora, Gypsy Lane will be to the left off Route 20A. Turn left and follow Gypsy Lane to the end of Knox Road. Turn left on Knox Road.

From the East
Proceed through the Village of East Aurora on Route 20A. Enter the traffic circle at the west end of the Village and proceed around to Knox Road (a Rite-Aid Store is on the corner). Turn right on Knox Road.